The Qur'an: A Biography (Books That Changed the World)

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Bruce Lawrence
First Edition

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Few books in history have been as poorly understood as the Qura??an.?? Sent down in a series of revelations to the Prophet Muhammad, the Qura??an is the unmediated word of Allah, a ritual, political, and legal authority, an ethical and spiritual guide, and a literary masterpiece.?? In this book, one of the launch titles in Atlantic Monthly Pressa?? ??Books That Changed the Worlda?? series, the distinguished historian of religion Bruce Lawrence shows precisely how the Qura??an is Islam.?? He describes the origins of the faith and assesses its tremendous influence on todaya??s societies and politics.?? Above all, Lawrence emphasizes that the Qura??an is a sacred book of signs that has no single message.?? It is a book that demands interpretation and one that can be properly understood only through its history. Bruce Lawrencea??s work is a beautifully written and, in these increasingly troubled times, invaluable introduction to and exploration of the core sacred text of Islam.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review