The Real You: Becoming the Person You Want to Be

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Dr. Kevin Leman

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I believe that personality makeovers are just as possible as appearance makeovers, claims birth order guru Dr. Kevin Leman. Now available in paper, The Real You delivers the goods on how readers can figure themselves out, ditch the bad stuff that's been holding them back, and maximize their undeveloped strengths. Leman guides the reader through four main personality grids-birth order, the four classic personality types, childhood memories, and love languages. Readers will learn how to develop positive habits, use self talk to work through times of failure, marshal their imaginative energy in dealing with problems, and more. Once readers really understand themselves-their strengths, their weaknesses, their predispositions, the forces of nature and the family background that shaped them into the people they are-there will be no holding them back, asserts Leman. For anyone who wants to climb vocational mountains, break out of relational ruts, and forge new social patterns, The Real You invites them to build on who they are and become their personal best.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review