The Sacred Art of Lovingkindness: Preparing to Practice (The Art of Spiritual Living)

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Rami M. Shapiro

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Open your heart and mind and discovera??through the sacred art of lovingkindnessa??the image and likeness of God in yourself and others.

The question at the heart of this book is this: Will you engage this moment with kindness or with cruelty, with love or with fear, with generosity or scarcity, with a joyous heart or an embittered one? This is your choice and no one can make it for youa?|. Heaven and hell are both inside of you. It is your choice that determines just where you reside.
a??from the Introduction

We are all born in the image of God, but living out the likeness of God is a choice. This inspiring, practical guidebook provides you with the tools you need to realize the divinity within yourself, recognize the divinity within others, and act on the obligation to manifest God's infinite compassion in your own life.

Guided by Rabbi Rami Shapiro, you will explore Judaisma??s Thirteen Attributes of Lovingkindness as the framework for cultivating a life of goodness. Shapiro translates these attributes into practicesa??drawn from the teachings of a variety of faith traditionsa??that allow you to actualize Goda??s glory through personal deeds of lovingkindness. You will enrich your own capacity for lovingkindness as you:

  • Harvest kindness through compassionate honesty
  • Make room in your heart for reality
  • Recognize the manifestations of God
  • Embrace the paradoxical truth of not-knowing
  • Be present in the moment
  • Do right by others

With candor, wit, and honesty, Shapiro shows you that by choosing to act out of love rather than fear, with kindness rather than anger, you can transform how you perceive the world and ultimately lead a more complete spiritual life.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review