The Singing Book

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Meribeth Bunch;Cynthia Vaughn

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Unlike other texts, The Singing Book gets students singing on the very first day of class. The authors' Sing first, talk later philosophy encourages beginning students to sing without judging or constraining themselves, which is an essential prerequisite for learning repertoire and the more technical aspects of the vocal mechanism. The Singing Book's thoughtfully crafted three-part structure begins with motivational chapters, then systematically builds vocal strength and skill through carefully chosen repertoire, and finally introduces important information on the major aspects of developing healthy vocal techniques. Suitable for all skill levels and voice types, The Singing Book provides an anthology of over sixty songs, chosen specifically for the beginning singer. A 2-CD set (sold separately) provides melody, rhythm guides, and piano accompaniments for all selections in the anthology (with additional keys available on the Student Web Site), and the text's useful appendices feature methods for preparing song texts, extra warm-ups and vocalises, a guide to the International Phonetic Alphabet, and a brief primer on reading music.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review