The Way of the Righteous in the Muck of Life: Psalms 1-12

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Dale Ralph Davis

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In the opening pages of the Psalms, believers discover foundational truth for right living-and great delight-as children of God. Trusted theologian Dale Ralph Davis leads readers through a careful study of Psalms 1-12 with clear application for daily life.
The Psalmist begins with the most essential truth for mankind, Davis explains: Nothing is so crucial as your belonging to the congregation of the righteous. And it is the Word of God that provides the direction for the believer's life. It is here, Davis points out, that the righteous man gets his signals for living. The delight of the righteous is in the law -the teachings-of the Lord. Indeed, for those who belong to Him, meditating on God's Word is the pursuit of pleasure ! The Psalms are a treasure trove for such a pursuit.
As the first 12 Psalms continue, we see basic principles unfold with great clarity. Much like our troubles today, the Psalmist endured wickedness all around, a world hostile to the true God-and on a very personal level-deceit and persecution from his enemies. Readers are pointed toward the glorious rule of the Messiah, to whom the whole world belongs. In light of this realization, we are prepared to face all kinds of troubles that cause despair. The righteous rely on God, and the Psalms teach us how. This book is ideal for use by small groups, as a teaching guide or for reference.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review