Through the Black Hole (Choose Your Own Adventure)

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Edward Packard

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You're The Star! 15 Exciting Endings!

Enter A Dimension That No Human Being Has Ever Seen !

You have been chosen for a mission that has never been attempted before - a journey to the center of a black hole.Scientists can only guess what will happen.You've been warned that you may not retum alive.The spaceship Athena will actually enter the hole; its sister ship, the Nimrod, will only go to the edge and observe.Which ship will you choose to pilot?

If you choose the Athena, turn to page 14.If you choose the Nimrod, turn to page 64.But be careful!Once you fall into a black hole you may end up as a few trillion neutrons scattered throughout space.Or you could be the first person to emerge from a black hole and retum to earth a hero!

What happens next in the story?It all depends on the choices you make.How does the story end?Only you can find out!And the best part is that you can keep reading and rereading until you've had not one but many incredibly daring experiences!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review