TIME America's National Parks: 100 Years of Preserving Our Land and Heritage

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The Editors of TIME

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When the National Park Service was born in 1916, its mission was to preserve Americas most distinctive natural spaces including the amazing Grand Canyon, the majestic Redwoods in California as well as Yellowstone Park, Acadia National Park and many more. In addition, beginning in 1933, the NPS began to protect the nations heritage as well. Today the agency welcomes guests to Philadelphias Independence Hall, Abraham Lincolns birthplace, Thomas Edisons laboratory and many more treasured byways of our national life including the majestic parks that most people associate with the service.

Now, the editors of TIME bring you Americas National Parks: 100 Years of Preserving Our Land and Heritage, an allnew special edition that celebrates the centennial year of the National Park Service and is devoted to exploring some of the nations favorites among themas well as some of the most rewarding, most distant and least known of the parks. With lavish photography, essays, statistics and facts, Americas National Parks will inspire years of travel ideas across the United States.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review