Toad for Oracle Unleashed

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Bert Scalzo;Dan Hotka

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Product Overview

Bert Scalzo and Dan Hotka have written the definitive, up-to-date guide to Version 12.x, Della??s powerful new release of Toad for Oracle. Packed with step-by-step recipes, detailed screen shots, and hands-on exercises, Toad for Oracle Unleashed shows both developers and DBAs how to maximize their productivity.

Drawing on their unsurpassed experience running Toad in production Oracle environments, Scalzo and Hotka thoroughly cover every area of Toada??s functionality. Youa??ll find practical insights into each of Toada??s most useful tools, from App Designer to Doc Generator, ER Diagrammer to Code Road Map. The authors offer proven solutions you can apply immediately to solve a wide variety of problems, from maintaining code integrity to automating performance and scalability testing.


Learn how toa?|

  • Install and launch Toad, connect to a database, and explore Toada??s new features
  • Customize Toad to optimize productivity in your environment
  • Use the Editor Window to execute SQL and PL/SQL, and view, save, or convert data
  • Browse your schema, and create and edit objects
  • Quickly generate useful reports with FastReport and Report Manager
  • Clarify your databasea??s tables and data with the powerful Entity Relationship Diagrammer (ERD) and HTML documentation generator
  • Work more efficiently with PL/SQL using code templates, snippets, and shortcuts
  • Automate actions and applications with Automation Designer
  • Perform key DBA tasks including database health checks, tablespace management, database and schema comparisons, and object rebuilding
  • Identify and optimize poorlyperforming SQL and applications

Download all examples and source code presented in this book from as it becomes available.


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