Top Secret

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DK Publishing

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Check over your shoulder before you peek inside the pages of this book it shares the secrets of some of the sneakiest spies around.

Covering tools, techniques, gadgets, gizmos, history, and famous agents, alongside types of spying and the roles involved, Top Secret explores the devices and strategies used by spies from dead drops with hidden documents inside, to the most sophisticated machines straight out of sci-fi movies. Follow the footsteps of famous spies through the ages to reveal their inventive and amusing gadgets, including night vision goggles and bugging devices hidden in plants and cocktail olivesthen discuss the best disguises, secret identities, and aids on offer to crafty secret agents.

Lively and varied designs take readers through all of the areas of spying from national and international agencies such as the FBI and MI5, to business spies, internet spying, and personal spying devices used for data gathering. Sections on history as well as gadgets and technology, interspersed with fun tips for would-be secret agents to practice on their friends, make it no secret why this book is a winner.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review