Touching Darkness (The Offspring)

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Jaime Rush

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For readers of paranormal romance, romantic suspense, and new adult romance!

I'm hooked on Jaime Rush's exciting, sexy paranormal series! --Janet Evanovich

They live ordinary lives, but they are extraordinary. They are the Offspring, children of a mysterious experiment gone awry--and they are in terrible danger.

Nicholas Braden has an uncanny psychic talent for finding things--which is why he's been recruited for a covert government program designed to hunt down terrorists. While his work for a shady controller named Darkwell is leading him down some very questionable alleyways, it's also bringing him closer to Olivia, Darkwell's stunning young assistant. A good girl with a wild, secret side, Olivia tempts Nicholas in ways he never believed possible--and in his business, a loss of control could prove fatal.

But there is something not right about the operation. And as Nicholas and Olivia's passion reaches a white-hot intensity, chilling reversals of good and evil, of right and wrong, suddenly threaten their very survival.

One of the most exciting new names in paranormal romance is Jaime Rush--who follows her phenomenal Perfect Darkness and Out of the Darkness with Touching Darkness, the latest in her breathtaking Offspring series. Fans of TV's Heroes and Torchwood--and of the dark and sensuous fiction of Jeaniene Frost and Vicki Pettersson--will thrill to Rush's tales of the now-grown children of a dark experiment that left them with great powers...and in grave peril.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review