Tough Questions Leader's Guide

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Garry D. Poole;Judson Poling

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This revised edition of Tough Questions, designed for use in any small group setting, is ideal for use in seeker small groups. Based on more than five years of field-tested feedback, extensive improvements make this best-selling series easier to use and more appealing than ever for both participants and group leaders. The Tough Questions SeriesHow can an all-powerful God allow suffering? Is Jesus really the only way to God? Why should I trust the Bible?Tough questions. Reasonable questions. The kinds of challenging questions you, or someone you know may be asking, that are worth taking time to explore.In six sessions designed to get small groups thinking and interacting, each guide in the Tough Questions series deals frankly with objections commonly raised about Christianity. Youll engage in the kind of spirited dialog that shows the Christian faith can stand up to scrutiny. TOUGH QUESTIONSYouve heard them before, maybe even asked a few of them yourself. This leaders guide will help you steer your small group toward a greater understanding of the Christian faith. Together, youll explore the power and preeminence of Jesus and the truth he brought to light.You may be leading a small group of seekers who are curious but unconvinced about Christianity. Or a small group of believers who want to become better grounded in what and why they believe. Regardless, this book will give you insights and coaching you need to engage participants in thoughtful and personally rewarding discussions about the life-changing truths of Christianity.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review