Transformed: A New Way of Being Christian

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Caesar Kalinowski

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What if Christianity were less about doing and more about being?

In Transformed, author Caesar Kalinowski shows you that when you became a Christian everything about you changed in an instant. You received a new identity based on who Jesus is, not on who you were. As a believer, you literally become part of Gods family of missionary servants. This is who you arenot what you do.

Drawing on stories from Caesars own journey and life in community, Transformed looks realistically at the identity you have been given in Christ and how it reshapes everything about you. Set free from performance-driven spirituality and guilt, you will draw closer to God, allowing him to radically change the well-worn rhythms and patterns of your every day life and transform your relationships from the inside out.

Transformed is for those who yearn for a deeper, more authentic faith, one that empowers you to live out of the truth of who God now says you are.

Caesar Kalinowski is such a wise teacher. Finally, a book on the Christian experience that actually leads its readers towards a new way of living.Transformedis a book that every skeptic, seeker, and Christian should read.
Jen Hatmaker, Author of7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess

If there was ever a legitimate time to offer a new pathway for being a Christ-follower it is now.Thank you Caesar for blowing the dust off of the relics of religious life and opening up the window to a God-breathed life.

Hugh Halter, Author of FLESH, The Tangible Kingdom, & Sacrilege


(No reviews yet) Write a Review