Twelve Lessons (Twelve Lessons Journal)

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Kate Spencer

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What if you had one year to bring your life back from the brink? Stephanie Slater appears to have it all, the house, the car, the fairy tale marriage and the new start she so desperately needed. No one knows yet she is secretly living a lie, but with mounting debts, a cheating husband and an obsession to do better than the Jonses, her perfect facade is about to shatter. When her life begins to unravel at the seams, Stephanie is given no choice but to turn to the one person she knows has seen through her fragile disguise. As the cards are turned and the Twelve Lessons revealed, Stephanie wonders if she will ever be able to piece back together the wreckage of her life in time? When you really hit rock bottom, a Psychic might be your only hope..... Twelve months, Twelve Lessons, one chance to rewrite destiny. Kate Spencer writes from the heart to the heart, weaving the addictive tale of every woman who chooses faith over fear when it matters most. Twelve Lessons will leave you wishing there were Thirteen. Shannon Kring Buset, author of Sister Salty, Sister Sweet: A memoir of Sibling Rivalry There are many teary moments along the way and others that make you feel genuinely glad, and moments when I had to put the book down and think about my own life. This book has come along at a perfect time, when people don't know what to do with their lives, or perhaps have been swept along a route they never truly wanted. Kate Spencer has created an insightful masterpiece.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review