Uncle John's iFlush: Plunging into Mystery Bathroom Reader For Kids Only! (Uncle John's Bathroom Reader for Kids Only)

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Patrick Merrell

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Uncle John is sending our lovable iFlush host Dwayne the lab rat on a new mission: find the most baffling mysteries of all time. How? By piloting the S.S. Throne, a one-rat toilet sub invented by four mad-scientist-plumbers, through the Interpipe! Now, Dwayne can plunge readers through 96 pages of interactive Interpipe adventures without getting wet! Every page has Uncle John's signature true stories and fantastic factoids, and readers use clues to solve puzzles. Once a puzzle is solved, Dwayne flushes himself through the Interpipe to the next history-mystery and the iSwirl gives readers a choice: solve the puzzle and turn the page, or jump through time to the next adventure. Readers will discover how Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, really died; the mysterious disembodied voice that took down a U.S. president; hidden Confederate treasure worth millions; the truth about Mother Shipton, Englands cave-dwelling soothsayer (or total fraud); and much more!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review