Understanding Environmental Health: How We Live in the World

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Nancy Irwin Maxwell

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This innovative text takes a unique approach to presenting environmental health. Rather than organizing topics around the traditional regulatory fields (air and water pollution, hazardous wastes, radiation, etc.), this book is structured around the choices we make as individuals and societies that result in environmental health hazards. The author details the hazards of energy production, industry, food production, and the modern lifestyle, while exploring our place within the local and global community.
Unlike other texts of its kind, Understanding Environmental Health: How We Live in the World, Second Edition tells a connected narrative, making the text engaging and accessible to a broad range of students with a variety of scientific backgrounds.
The Second Edition is a thorough revision that incorporates updates to scientific understanding, changes in practice and policy, and important events of recent years.
Key Features of the Second Edition:
a? Offers a concise introduction to environmental health while providing all the essential information about the classic regulatory domains and core competencies in this important field.
a? Presents a connected narrative, with chapters on the various choices we make that create environmental health hazards--living together with other species; producing energy, material goods, and food; and living in communities, from both a local and global perspective.
a? Includes learning objectives and study questions in each chapter, as well as an extensive glossary of over 500 terms that have been highlighted throughout the text.

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