Understanding Health Policy: A Clinical Approach, Seventh Edition

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Thomas S. Bodenheimer;Kevin Grumbach

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Understand how the healthcare system works a?? and how you can succeed in it

A ??Doody's Core Title for 2017!

The Seventh Edition of Understanding Health Policy: A Clinical Approach remains the most trusted and comprehensive guide to healthcare available and provides everything you need to build a solid foundation on the fielda??s most critical issues. This concise and engaging textbook clearly explains the all major aspects of healthcare, including finance, organization, and reimbursement. It will help you develop a clearer, more systematic way of thinking about health care in the United States, its problems, and the alternatives for managing and solving these problems.

The book features a unique approach, using clinical vignettes to highlight key policy issues, clarify difficult concepts, and demonstrate how they apply to real-world situations, affecting both patients and professionals alike. Expert practitioners in both the public and private healthcare sectors, the authors cover the entire scope of our healthcare system. They carefully weave key principles, descriptions, and concrete examples into chapters that make important health policy issues interesting and understandable.

Understanding Health Policy makes otherwise difficult concepts easy to understanda??so you can make better decisions, improve outcomes, and enact positive change on a daily basis.

The Seventh Edition features:

  • Updated throughout to reflect the latest changes and events, including additional content on value-based care, Choosing Wisely??, etc.
  • Expanded coverage of the impact of the Affordable Care Act, including Accountable Care Organizations and their impact, and global issues in health policy
  • End-of-chapter summaries and comprehensive lists of review questions to reinforce what you have learned
  • Includes Questions and Discussion Topics for classroom or individual study


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