Understanding Weather and Climate (5th Edition)

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Edward Aguado;James E. Burt

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Using everyday occurrences to illustrate meteorology and climatology, this first-rate reference works together with inspired technology tutorials to engage readers in learning about atmospheric behavior. Dynamic illustrations from the book come to life in the fully integrated?? website, where a narrator guides users through animated tutorials, video footage and satellite loops of atmospheric phenomena. Climate change science is updated and folded into atmospheric science coverage throughout the new edition to provide a report of scientific consensus and currency. This includes the findings presented in the fourth assessment of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) as well as how the members of the panel reached their conclusions.
Composition and Structure of the Atmosphere; Solar Radiation and the Seasons; Energy Balance and Temperature; Atmospheric Pressure and Wind; Atmospheric Moisture; Cloud Development and Forms; Precipitation Processes.
Atmospheric Circulation and Pressure Distributions; Air Masses and Fronts; Mid-Latitude Cyclones; Lightning, Thunder, and Tornadoes; Tropical Storms and Hurricanes; Weather Forecasting and Analysis; Human Effects: Air Pollution and Heat Islands; Earth's Climates; Climate Changes: Past and Future; Atmospheric Optics.
A useful reference for anyone who wants to learn more about Eartha??s climate and weather.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review