Unforgotten Sins in Charleston

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Jim Gordon III

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Unforgotten Sins in Charleston is a character-driven story about one of the oldest, aristocratic families in the Holy City, trying to keep their dark and deadly secrets at bay. With Charleston's history of pagan rituals, voodoo, ghostly legends, and superstitions, the city and Timothy Camdin share a mysterious marriage of cruel, inhuman horrors concealed by a cultured elegance. Richard and Annina Camdin, Timothy's affluent grandparents, rescue and raise him after his rebellious parents abandon him at birth. Like all Charlestonians, Timothy is proud for the blessings of being born within the sophisticated society. But regrettably, there is another side to his history. It is worse than any nightmare one could possibly comprehend. It is a side that is haunted with hatred and deadliness. Fuming from a failed community on the outskirts of Charleston, Timothy's biological father, Ray, born angry and consumed with jealousy, aims his revenge at his parents' fortune and vows to destroy Timothy's ideal life with mental and physical abuse. Starting in the 1950s, Ray executes his plan, exhuming and sustaining shameful family secrets of alcoholism, mental illness, infidelity, and even inbreeding. A bigot and a womanizer, he launches twisted schemes of embezzlement and murders, camouflaged as suicides that take the lives of prominent Charlestonians. Timothy, like his grandparents, struggles to escape Ray's relentless ruin and shrewd slaughter of others. At the same time, a secret society, deep within the invisible walls of Charleston, fights to steer Timothy's fate away from Ray's rage. But Timothy's fate is governed from the grave of his grandfather, Richard; a fate that no one can imagine.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review