Universal Laws Unleashed

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Gregory Downing

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You dont have to be a business owner to be an entrepreneur.
The word entrepreneur is from the French entreprende meaning to undertake or to do something. We all undertake something, dont we? We get married. We have children. We build a house. We write a book---yet we have no guarantees that the marriage will last, the children will make us proud, the mortgage will get paid off, or the book will find readership (or even get published). And yet we do these things anyway. I believe this makes all of us entrepreneurs. And thats why the Laws in this book naturally apply to all of us and to every life situation, personally, spiritually, and financially.
The Universal Laws Unleashed is more than a text designed exclusively to trigger the excitement of entrepreneurs or stimulate the proactive minds of small- and large-business owners. On a deeper level it is written to empower any individual to accomplish specific, targetable, even seemingly overwhelming objectives. At the core, The Laws are carefully crafted and cultivated to inspire purposeful change, intentional action, and thoughtful planning. Their strategies and truths apply whether the reader is a student, parent, entrepreneur, current business owner, or simply a goal-oriented, motivated individual seeking to establish a legacy that will last for, and greatly impact, many generations to come. In short, they lay out a proven pathway to personal success---however you, the reader, define it. This means, of course, that the Laws will resonate with the entrepreneur in all of us.
I was not born with great genetic skills that allowed me to become a wealthy entrepreneur. I was not blessed with the brainpower of an Einstein or the creativity of a Monet. I simply had the desire to change my life, the humility to know I needed to learn how from the experts, and the determination to work toward my goals each and every day.
I tell you this because I do not believe, as so many others apparently do, that you have to be cut out of a certain mold to be an entrepreneur. Yes, you may have a few special strengths and traits that will give you an edge--and you certainly should use those strengths to your advantage. But the most critical factor is your ability to make the choice to change your life and to consistently act on that choice. Change happens with a commitment to becoming the master of your destiny and a leader in life.
Ultimately, incorporating the Universal Laws Unleashed into your life and the lives of others within your sphere of influence is a great act of love. Its a way of embracing your passions and giving yourself the tools you need to create a future that is whole, meaningful, and filled with joy. I invite you to join me on this great adventure. By accepting, you are saying yes to the life you are meant to live.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review