Unseduced and Unshaken: The Place of Dignity in a Woman's Choices

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Rosalie De Rosset

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You cant afford to live casually, haphazardly.

No matter your age, you were born into a plethora of expectations of what it means to be a woman. How easily we assume impoverished views of womanhood as we hoist beauty and desirability above the more enduring traits of self-possession and dignity. We tend to live as divided and distracted selves, allowing our bodies and minds to drift to opposite poles while swapping our pursuit of God for tamer, lesser loves.

This collection of essays is more than a call to modesty or chastity. It is a thoughtful provocation to speak well, read often, make choices that reflect the character of God, and even to establish a theology of play or leisure. Being intentional with your choices, cultivating your intellect, and taking seriously your voice determines not only what kind of person you are, but also what kind of woman you will be.

[Unseduced and Unshaken] raises the bar for young Christian women...Its a call for all Christian women to examine their personal faith presuppositions, deliberately choose a life of Biblical dignity, and to not be frightened to allow theology to inform our choices.

Just Between Us, Summer 2013 issue


(No reviews yet) Write a Review