Urban Problems in Sociological Perspective

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Thomas R. Shannon;Nancy Kleniewski;William M. Cross

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The latest edition of this well-regarded text continues the tradition of excellence established in previous editions, providing an urban sociology text that is concise, clearly written, and theoretically balanced. The authors maintain their focus on the sociological analysis of contemporary urban problems and bring breadth and depth to their analysis by examining urban conditions within the context of U.S. urban history and sociological theory. Moreover, they present an even-handed evaluation of the social policies advanced to address urban problems. While retaining the topical organization of previous editions, the fourth edition offers an up-to-date look at urban trends in the United States as well as new and updated material on such topics as urban migration flows in the Third World, the impact of immigration on the ethnic mix in cities, and the persistence of poverty as a problem of low-wage workers. Readers will appreciate the chapter on urban conditions in other societies, which gives them a cross-cultural framework for thinking about urban conditions in this country.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review