Video Shooter: Mastering Storytelling Techniques

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Barry Braverman

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Show me a world I havent seen before! These words from veteran cinematographer Barry Braverman will resonate as you read (and re-read) this revamped edition of Video Shooter. The third edition takes you beyond the technicalities of sensors, lenses, and tripods, to instill a practical and inspired appreciation for the craft of both the camera and the stories you choose to tell. Braverman draws from decades of personal experience on high-profile documentaries and feature films to explain the makings of a compelling visual storyteller.

This is no ordinary dull-as-dishwater camera book! With wit and humor Video Shooter, Third Edition explores the discipline of the 2D and 3D imagemaker, from the need to maintain a clear point of view and eyeline, to the emotional impact of lens choice and color palette. Youll learn to avoid generic shots and angles, and apply the principle of exclusion to maintain rigorous control of the frame. Youll understand how close-ups can drive a story and how composition, selective focus, and simple lighting direct the viewers eye inside the frame. Most of all youll learn not to make it too easy by challenging your viewers, youll elevate the value of yourwork and your reputation as a craftsman.

Whether you shoot with a sophisticated 4K camcorder, large-sensor DSLR, or an iPhone, the lessons of Video Shooter, Third Edition will enhance your storytelling skills by helping you exploit a cameras capabilities to the maximum.

New to Video Shooter, Third Edition:
* 3D storytelling and techniques fundamentals of image capture and stereo production with an emphasis on simple integrated one-piece 3D camcorders
* Video storytelling with DSLRs how to get the best look out of these large sensor cameras despite the compromises
* Post-camera imaging, filtering, stabilizing
* Outputting your show to the Web or DVD
* Insights into the working life of a video shooter how to identify and land your ideal job, and work successfully with ego-crazed collaborators
* End of chapter study guides with review questions for educators

A companion website provides supplemental materials, including video tutorials based on the lessons in the book.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review