Warriors, Settlers & Nomads

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Terence Watts;Terence Watts

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Are you a Warrior? Are you a Settler? Are you a Nomad? Identifying your predominant personality-type changes the way you approach life. If you know yourself and, equally important, if you understand other people, you can confidently tackle your career and your personal relationships knowing exactly where you are coming from and what everyone else is seeking. Warriors, Settlers & Nomads presents a revolutionary framework with which to comprehend your own needs, and the needs of others. Based upon the concept of evolutionary psychology, it reveals the determinants at the core of our characters -- those very skills and psychological attitudes that we have inherited from our ancestors. Teaching us how we have all retained features of three ancient tribes -- the Warriors, the Settlers, and the Nomads -- this book guides us through revealing personality tests and detailed descriptions of each tribe trait, allowing us to identify our specific type -- the basic mould from which we are produced -- and to appreciate the wisdoms and strengths that up to now have lain dormant inside us. A guide to self-discovery and self-liberation, Warriors, Settlers & Nomads utilises powerful hypnosis and visualisation techniques in a programme designed to release our hidden potential. A fascinating and revelatory read, it provides unique personal growth strategies that enable us to discover who we really are.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review