Water With Lemon: An Inspiring Story of Diet-free, Guilt-free Weight Loss!

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Zonya Foco;Stephen Moss

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Water with Lemon is a new weight-loss novel arriving in bookstores January 2007 but it is not a diet. You dont have to do any math. And theres nothing to give up so theres no guilt. The best thing about Water with Lemon is that it delivers a compelling story with characters we can all relate to. Unlike preachy diet books filled with structured plans, this book models the emotional challenge of turning knowing into doing. Its good common sense, not new fad nonsense. Its the story of diet-free, guilt-free weight loss.INTRODUCING A NEW GENRE -- THE HEALTH NOVEL -- WATER WITH LEMON IS THE FIRST IN THE POWER OF ONE GOOD HABIT SERIES This is the result of a dynamic partnership between Americas Nutrition Leader, Zonya Foco, RD, and Americas Health Novelist, Stephen Moss. Stephens compelling story and well-crafted characters will keep you turning the pages while you learn Zonyas surprisingly simple approach to gaining health and mastering weight control. Look for future health novels in the Power of One Good Habit series.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review