What Matters Most

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Hyrum W. Smith

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In an age of unprecedented prosperity and opportunity, there are still many who feel that something is missing in their lives: I've achieved success and am on the fast track in my career, I'm respected by my peers, I have a great family and all the toys and perks that I could possibly want. Why don't I feel a stronger sense of fulfillment, or any real happiness inside? Why does life feel so empty? In What Matters Most, bestselling author and speaker Hyrum W. Smith outlines compelling reasons for this dissatisfaction. Much of it comes, he says, because of conflicts between our actions and our deeply held personal values. In the rush and press of life, too many of us have lost touch with what matters most to us -- values like close family relationships, spending time with family and friends, participating in fulfilling work, giving of self in service to others, following our own light, and achieving long-held dreams and creative goals.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review