What Shat That?: The Pocket Guide to Poop Identity

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Matt Pagett

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Ideal for any nature lover or backyard biologist, WHAT SHAT THAT? is an original and insightful survey of the substance thatlike it or notunites every living creature, from your pet dog to the African elephant.The fifty entries found here cover a range of mammals, birds, lizards, and even fish, including common domestic creatures as well as wild and exotic species. Full-color photographs and illustrations reveal each type of poop in all its glory, and handy descriptions and scat facts run throughout.Find out:Why rabbits like to eat their own droppingsHow tiger scat helped the CIA during the Vietnam WarWhich creature's poop could help save the planetWhy one animal's waste product is used to make the world's most expensive coffeeTruly informative and highly entertaining, WHAT SHAT THAT? is also probably more than you ever wanted to know but were too grossed out to ask.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review