When Life and Beliefs Collide

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Carolyn Custis James

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In Praise of When Life and Beliefs Collide. Sooner or later, lifes difficulties bring every Christian woman to Gods doorstep with questions too personal to ignore. Why does God let me go through such painful circumstances? Why does he seem indifferent to my prayers? Were tired of spiritual pie in the sky. We want authentic, God-as-he-really-is faiththe kind that holds us together when our world is falling apart and equips us to offer strength and hope to others. When Life and Beliefs Collide raises a long-overdue call for us to think seriously about what we believe about God. With passion, brilliance, and eloquence, Carolyn Custis James weaves stories of contemporary women with episodes from the life of Mary of Bethany to illustrate the practical benefits of knowing God deeply. Examining the misperceptions and abuses that discourage women from pursuing a deeper understanding of God, this insightful book demonstrates how practical and down to earth knowing God can be. This outstanding book offers the best demonstration that everyone needs theology, the best expository account of Mary and Martha, and the best trajectory for womens ministry in modern North America that I have yet read. James I. Packer Thoughtful, scholarly, and motivating . . . should inspire and encourage women for years to come. Joni Eareckson Tada You will not think the same way, nor hopefully be the same, after reading this thought-provoking book. Vonette Zachary Bright . . . affirms women in their calling, chosen-ness, and gifting, and makes us know we are cherished and planned for. Jill Briscoe


(No reviews yet) Write a Review