Where to Find Gold in Southern California

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James Klein
Fifth or Later Edition

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Expanded and updated, Where To Find Gold in Southern California is an updated edition of a classic best-seller. Find out where the best gold locations are found in the byways of Southern California. In fact, probably more is out there to be found by the determined prospector than at any time in recent years. Millions of acres of public land in Southern California are available for prospecting, but some sites are better than others. Amazingly enough, the old diggings are still the best places to look for gold. Ride along with veteran prospector, James Klein, miner and author of numerous books on gold mining, as he discusses the possibilities for you to find gold within a day's drive anywhere in Southern California. Helpful detailed maps make locating gold easy. Learn about the geology of placer deposits, where to pan in the desert, how to stake a claim, and much more! Filled with helpful photos, detailed illustrations, and descriptive text and glossary that will help you on your way to showing color!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review