Why Obama's Government Takeover of Health Care Will Be a Disaster (Encounter Broadsides)

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David Gratzer

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If Barack Obama has his way, the American health care system is headed for a train wreck. In this vital expose, Dr. David Gratzer reveals how a government takeover by Washington will put a massive new bureaucracy between doctors and patients, create rationing, and kill the spirit of innovation that has made American high tech medicine a world leader in the treatment of cancer and other diseases. Dr. Gratzer, a first-hand witness of the failures of Canadas healthcare system, shows why socialized medicine will make America sick. Examining the realities of existing health care in this country, Dr. Gratzer reveals how basic free market reforms can revive the private system we already have, without ruining the patient / doctor relationship, stifling scientific advances, and further devastating our economy.

Hardhitting and to the point, Why Obamas Government Takeover of Health-Care Will Be a Disaster takes us inside Obamas high stakes gamble with our health care system and shows us why we should be afraid, very afraid, of the possible outcome.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review