Wolf's Passion (Rutledge Werewolves)

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Elizabeth Lapthorne

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Rutledge Werewolves - The Mating Game By Elizabeth Lapthorne Book 3 in the Rutledge Werewolves series Dominic Rutledge was getting tired of playing the same endless sexual steps in the Mating Game. To relieve the boredom, he decides to throw himself into discovering the identity of a try-hard hacker intent on breaking into his brother's security company. But what he finds is a sexy redhead determined to seduce him. Mary Dennison has a soft spot in her heart for her 18-year-old cousin, Matthew. When Matthew, on a dare from him friends, hacks into the computers for Rutledge Security Company and gets caught, he turns to Mary to get him untangled and hopefully out of trouble. But Matthew isn't the one Dominic sets his sights onMary is! The game is on as Mary travels across the state to see this mysterious Dominic, the subject of an email she found while trying to help Matthew out of his hacking job. She wants to know if it is true, whether or not Dominic Rutledge is really a werewolf! As for Dominic, the Mating Game now seems like a great idea. He just hadn't realized how deeply it would snare him in the game of love. Rutledge Werewolves - My Heart's Passion By Elizabeth Lapthorne Book Four in the Rutledge Werewolves series Chloe Dennison needed a break. She'd always had what she referred to as itchy feet , needing to change jobs and lifestyles regularly. She knew she had simply never found her heart's passion, never found something she could do forever. The only place quiet enough for her to make major life-changing decisions was a borrowed cabin secluded from noise and interruptions, and just perfect for her to take the time to think about her future. After all, with her cousin Matthew working for Rutledge Security and his sister Mary married to Dominic Rutledge, she knew it was finally time for her to sit down and truly find what she wanted to do with her life. In this idyllic location Chloe runs into the one man who has the ability to make her heart beat faster and arouse her body when he is aroundSamuel Rutledge, the last of the unmarried or unmated Rutledge brothers. While taking a short break from her long ten-hour drive to the cabin, Chloe sees something that makes her doubt her sanity. There, in the forest, with the full moon shining down, she spies Samuelchanging into a werewolf. For the first time in her life, Chloe has to believe in something she has never encountered before. Samuel Rutledge is feeling the pinch. His three brothers are married, mated, settled down and raising families. Now it's his turn and Chloe is the object of his intense sexual interest. All bets are off as Samuel and Chloe engage in a battle of the sexes where a simple game of cards has them sexually baiting and teasing each other, pushing each other further until one of them finally snaps.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review