You Were Born Again To Be Together

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Dick sutphen

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You Were Born Again To Be Together presents what claims to be case histories of love surviving death via the process of reincarnation. A reader is introduced to several people who apparently remembered under hypnosis not only who they were in previous lifetimes, but that many of those they knew in their current life were with them then. This book amazed me when I first read it as a teenager but since then I've asked myself some questions about the author's claims. I attended one of Dick Sutphen's seminars and was less than impressed. I've also gotten his magazine/catalog and spent some time on his website, and frankly I question much of what this marketing genius claims. But that's just me. Anyone else can think what they want. As for this book, it's still an interesting read that appeals to my philosophical side and to the historian in me, though I greet it today with a more `evaluating' eye than I did at seventeen. Skeptics have had a field day with New Age types like Sutphen, and it doesn't hurt to read up on what those individuals have to say. When taken with something elss than blind faith, this book is no worse than harmless and it's worth the money for the questions it raises, if nothing else. It's also due for a re-print. Has it truly not been published since 1987? The copy I got ten years ago was from a thrift store, so maybe it can be found there, if it remains unavailable on Amazon.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review