Zondervan Atlas of the Bible

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Carl G. Rasmussen

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Zondervan Atlas of the Bible a thoroughly revised edition of the most comprehensive Bible atlas ever designed for Students Bible Study Groups Adult Learners Travelers/Pilgrims to the Lands of the Bible Pastors Teachers All Lovers of the Bible This major revision of the Gold Medallion Award-winning Zondervan NIV Atlas of the Bible is a visual feast that will help you experience the geography and history of Scripture with unprecedented clarity. The first section of the Atlas introduces the playing board of biblical historyusing threedimensional maps and photographic images to help the lands of the Bible come alive. The next section, arranged historically, begins with Eden and traces the historical progression of the Old and New Testaments. It provides an engaging, accurate, and faithful companion to Gods Wordilluminating the text with over one hundred full-color, multidimensional maps created with the help of Digital Elevation Modeling data. It concludes with chapters on the history of Jerusalem, the disciplines of historical geography, and the most complete and accurate listing and discussion of place-names found in any atlas. Throughout the Atlas, innovative graphics, chronological charts, and over one hundred specially selected images help illuminate the geographical and historical context of biblical events. The Zondervan Atlas of the Bible is destined to become a favorite guide to biblical geography for students of the Bible. This accessible and complete resource will assist you as you enter into the world of the Bible as never before.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review