Adolescence: Continuity, Change, and Diversity

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Nancy J. Cobb

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Product Overview

Recognized as one of the leading texts in the field, the Seventh Edition of Cobb's Adolescence provides an up-to-date and thorough review of current research and theory. Praised for its accessible writing style, this book is distinguished by its comprehensive coverage of identity research, gender, ethnic diversity, and issues relevant to early versus late adolescence and emerging adulthood. More specifically, key strengths include:

* A Strong Research Base: Discussions of concepts in the text are based on current research findings. Research Focus boxes in each chapter pose practical problems and illustrate how researchers have approached these. Taken together, these boxes provide students with an understanding of research methodology in developmental psychology.

* Writing Style: The text is written in an informal, engaging style that holds students' interest and renders even relatively difficult concepts easy for students to grasp.

* Unifying Themes: Four themes run through each of the chapters and weave together the various elements of the text. These are gender, ethnic diversity, distinctions among early versus late adolescents, and the overarching theme of adolescence as a search for a stable personal identity.

* Currency: Statistics throughout the text are drawn from current research in peer-reviewed journals and sources such as the latest census compilations, CDC data, educational digest figures, etc.

Chapters open with a brief vignette followed by an overview of the chapter. Key terms are highlighted in the text and defined in the margin of the page where they appear. In More Depth boxes bring to life the research and theories presented in the text by showing real-world applications and the words and thoughts of actual adolescents. Completely new chapter-ending Summary and Key Terms are organized according to chapter sections for easy reference and review of the main concepts and terminology.

For Students

Companion Website

Available free of charge, the Adolescence, Seventh Edition, Companion Website provides students with many review and self-assessment resources to help them master the material presented in the textbook. The site includes the following:

* Online Quizzes, including both multiple-choice and essay questions, test the student's grasp of each chapter's important concepts and facts. Quizzes can be assigned by the instructor, and results are stored in an easy-to-use online gradebook. (Instructors must register in order for their students to be able to take the quizzes.)

* Flashcard activities for each chapter help the student learn the many new terms introduced in the textbook.

* Learning Objectives and Chapter Summaries provide a thorough review of each chapter.

* A complete Glossary provides quick access to definitions for all important terms.

For Instructors (Available to Qualified Adopters)

Instructor's Resource Library

The Adolescence, Seventh Edition Instructor's Resource Library includes a variety of resources to aid you in the development of your lectures and the assessment of your students. Features include:

* Figures and Tables: All of the line-art illustrations, photos, and tables from the textbook are provided as both high- and low-resolution JPEGs, all optimized for use in presentation software such as PowerPoint.

* PowerPoint Resources: Two different PowerPoint presentations are provided for each chapter of the textbook:

- All figures, photos, and tables
- A complete lecture outline, including selected figures

* Test Bank: A comprehensive set of multiple-choice questions for each chapter. Companion Website quiz questions (both multiple-choice and essay) are also included.

* Computerized Test Bank: The entire Test Bank is provided in Diploma format (software included), making it easy to quickly assemble exams using any combination of publisher-provided and custom questions.


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