All the Best, George Bush: My Life in Letters and Other Writings

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George H.W. Bush

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Former President George H.W. Bush, revealed through his letters and writings from 1941 to 2010, is a??worth its weight in golda?|a valuable update of the life of an honorable American leadera?? (The Washington Post).

a??Who knew that beneath George Busha??s buttoned-up propriety pulsed the warm heart of a prolific and occasionally poetic writer with a wacky sense of humor?a?? (People) Though reticent in public, George Bush openly shared his private thoughts in correspondence throughout his life. This collection of letters, diary entries, and memos is the closest wea??ll ever get to his autobiography.

Organized chronologically, readers will gain insights into Busha??s career highlightsa??the oil business, his two terms in Congress, his ambassadorship to the UN, his service as an envoy to China, his tenure with the Central Intelligence Agency, and of course, the vice presidency, the presidency, and the post-presidency. They will also observe a devoted husband, father, and American. Ranging from a love letter to Barbara and a letter to his mother about missing his daughter, Robin, after her death from leukemia to a letter to his children written just before the beginning of Desert Storm, this collection is remarkable for Busha??s candor, humor, and poignancy.

a??An unusual glimpse of the private thoughts of a public figurea?? (Newsweek), this revised edition includes new letters and photographs that highlight the Bush familya??s enduring legacy, including letters that cover George W. Busha??s presidency, 9/11, Bush seniora??s work with President Clinton to help the victims of natural disasters, and the meaning of friendship and family. All the Best, George Bush a??will shed more light on the mana??s personal character and public persona than any memoir or biography coulda?? (Publishers Weekly).


(No reviews yet) Write a Review