Believe in Yourself

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Joseph Murphy

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2010 Reprint of 1955 edition. You were born to win, to conquer, and to overcome! The Intelligence, Wisdom, and Power of God are within you waiting to be released, and enabling you to rise above all difficulties. Dr. Murphy gives you in this book a universal guide in the art of making your life much more effective and satisfying by developing Belief in Yourself. The magic formula is, All things are possible to him that Believeth. You want freedom, health, and happiness. You can have them by changing your conscious belief to subconscious belief. THIS BOOK TEACHES YOU HOW TO TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE THROUGH THE ART OF BELIEVING. EACH CHAPTER IS FULL OF POWERFUL, PRACTICAL PSYCHOLOGY SHOWING YOU WHY MAN IS BELIEF EXPRESSED. The story of Joseph will live forever. Joseph is Divine imagination. Dr. Murphy shows you the science of imagination in a vivid, intensely, practical way. The how is portrayed through many case histories, and you learn to use the two great pillars of Truth - disciplined imagination plus faith - enabling you to realize your fondest dreams. Here is a book that shows you how to believe and succeed. The greatest and richest galleries of art in the world are the galleries of the mind devoted to God's Truths and Beauty.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review