Bullies: How the Left's Culture of Fear and Intimidation Silences Americans

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Ben Shapiro

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In this galvanizing and alarming New York Times bestseller, Ben Shapiro shows once and for all that the left is the single greatest source of bullying in modern American life (Sean Hannity).

While President Obama and the left like to pretend that they oppose bullying with all their hearts and souls, the truth is far darker: the left is the greatest purveyor of bullying in modern American history. Bullying has morphed into the lefts go-to tactic, as they attempt to quash their opponents through fear, threat of force, violence, and rhetorical intimidation on every major issue facing America today.

In Bullies, Ben Shapiro uncovers the simple strategy used by liberals and their friends in the media: bully the living hell out of conservatives. Play the race card, the class card, the sexism card. Use any and every means at your disposal to demonize your oppositionto shut them up. Then pretend that such bullying is justified, because, after all, conservatives are the true bullies, and need to be taught a lesson for their intolerance. Hidden beneath the lefts supposed hatred of bullying lies a passionate love of its vulgar tactics.

Dubbed by Glenn Beck a warrior for conservatism, against those who use fear and intimidation to stifle honest debate, Shapiro takes on the leftist bulliesthe most despicable people in America. By exposing their hypocrisy, he offers conservatives a reality check in the face of what has become the gravest threat to American liberty: the lefts single-minded focus on ending political debate through bully tactics.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review