Discover Your Soul Potential: Using the Enneagram to Awaken Spiritual Vitality

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Kathy Hurley

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Discover Your Soul Potential: Using the Enneagram to Awaken Spiritual Vitality shows how to use the Enneagram as a gateway into the full potential of your soul. With it, you can live with simplicity, clarity and compassion; you will feel inspired to create a new partnership between the ordinary and EXTRAordinary sides of your personality. Authors Kathy Hurley and Theodorre Donson combine insights from mystical traditions with contemporary psychology and their intimate knowledge of the Enneagram to provide this tool for ongoing growth. As part of their life quest to help people live from the power of their own souls, they explain how spiritual vitality can be the privilege, inheritance and responsibility of every human being. On our spiritual journey it seems our hearts yearn for us to know who we are, and the Enneagram is the clearest, most accurate method of understanding the personality traits of ourselves and others. It is based on the theory of three centres of intelligence: Intellectual, Relational and Instinctual, or more commonly referred to as Thinking, Feeling and Doing. Our personality is a unique configuration of the three capacities inherent in every person. Because of its practical approach, this groundbreaking book makes spiritual vitality easily accessible to all.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review