Forget Sorrow: An Ancestral Tale

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Belle Yang

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A healing portrait drawn in epic ink strokes.Elle

When Belle Yang was forced to take refuge in her parents home after an abusive boyfriend began stalking her, her father entertained her with stories of old China. The history shed ignored while growing up became a source of comfort and inspiration, and narrowed the gap separating heran independent, Chinese-American womanfrom her Old World Chinese parents.

In Forget Sorrow, Yang makes her debut into the graphic form with the story of her fathers family, reunited under the House of Yang in Manchuria during the Second World War and strugglingboth together and individuallyto weather poverty, famine, and, later, Communist oppression. The parallels between Belle Yangs journey of self-discovery and the lives and choices of her grandfather, his brothers, and their father (the Patriarch) speak powerfully of the conflicts between generationsand of possibilities for reconciliation.

Forget Sorrow demonstrates the power of storytelling and remembrance, as Bellein telling this storyfinds the strength to honor both her father and herself.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review