Heaven: Close Encounters of the God Kind

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Jesse Duplantis

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Experience the Power and Glory of a Trip to Heaven!

Heaven is a very real place. It has often been pictured as a place where everyone sits on fluffy clouds and plays a harp for eternity. According to the Word of God, however, this picture is far from the truth. So what is heaven really like?

In this book, Jesse Duplantis shares several events that have happened to him in his relationship with God--events he calls close encounters of the God kind. One of these events is his trip to heaven in 1988. He tells of the wonderful things the Lord has in store for us, both in heaven and on earth.

I believe that if people could see the treasures that God has stored up for them in heaven, they wouldn't have such a hard time understanding God's will to prosper and heal them while they are on earth . . . . Anything that you can think of, anything you could want on earth has already been given to you there.
--Jesse Duplantis

As you read this book, you will discover the depth of the compassion and love God has for you. Your faith will be strengthened and encouraged as Jesse reveals answers too many questions about this wonderful place:

* What is Paradise?

* Are there children in heaven?

* Will I recognize family members?

* Will I really have my own mansion there?

* What is God's great Throne Room like?

* Plus much more!

It is God's desire that everyone spends eternity in heaven. So enjoy these close encounters of the God kind for yourself and join Jesse Duplantis in spreading the wonderful message that Jesus is coming again soon!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review