Hindi Flashcards: Script & Pronunciation (English and Hindi Edition)

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Anshu Jain
2nd Edition

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Product Overview

Learn Hindi alphabets - their shapes, sounds and more using artful illustrations.

These multifaceted Hindi flash cards teach alphabet recognition and sound association. They also build vocabulary, word recognition and gender classification via Roman transliteration, pictorial association and color coding.

Learning Hindi alphabets has never been so engaging, intuitive, and fun. With Hindi flashcards it is now easy to understand Hindi alphabet sounds, their shapes and the combination needed to write Hindi words.

Well tested & loved by parents and children. Exceptional illustrations with embedded Hindi characters make it easy for children to recollect the alphabet later.

Learning Hindi alphabets is made simple with Hindi Flashcards.

* UNIQUE ILLUSTRATIONS help recollect the shape of the alphabets.
* TRANSLITERATION in English helps understand the correct pronunciation of the Hindi alphabets.
* CLEVER COLOR CODING helps advance learners recollect proper mouth part to use for pronunciation.
* These GROW WITH YOU! Back side of the Hindi cards act as the reference cards helping advanced learn word formation.
* COMPLETE LEARNING TOOL with 33 consonants ( ka to ha ) & 11 vowels ( a to au ).


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