Inner Gold: Understanding Psychological Projection

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Robert A. Johnson

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Robert A. Johnson, bestselling author of He, She, We, and other psychology classics, shares a lifetime of insights and experiences in this easy-to-read explanation of psychological projection seeing traits in others that are, in fact, our own. Drawing on early Christianity, medieval alchemy, depth psychology, and the myths of The Flying Dutchman and The Once and Future King, he also explores the subjects of loneliness, fundamentalist religion, and the spiritual dimensions of psychology.

One of the most influential and visionary analysts of his generation, Johnson follows the tradition of Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell among those whose ideas have shaped our deepest metaphors of self and psyche. His books are known worldwide for presenting Jungs complex theories with the simplicity and grace.

With twinkling eyes and the smile of a wise old man, Robert Johnson brings us the wisdom of a life fully lived.The healing power of Robert's writing is palpable.

- Marion Woodman

Robert Johnsons work always has that naked intensity that tells you youre in the psychic house of an honest man.

- Robert Bly


(No reviews yet) Write a Review