International Law: Norms Actors Process: Problem Approach 3e

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Jeffrey Dunoff;Steven R. Ratner

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Product Overview

Illuminate the process of international lawmaking with this timely and practical revision. INTERNATIONAL LAW: Norms, Actors, Process: A Problem-Oriented Approach, Second Edition, uses compelling problems and an interdisciplinary approach to lead students from fundamental to advanced topics.

This efficient and effective casebook offers:

  • a distinguished team of authors, all known for their widely published writing
  • a real-life problem approach that illustrates the law in action -- for example, genocide in Rwanda, state formation in the former Yugoslavia, and the problem of ozone depletion in protecting the atmosphere -- and grounds material for students to give the subject a contemporary connection
  • comprehensive, current, and well-balanced coverage of the field
  • engaging and challenging visuals, including maps, charts, and photographs
  • interdisciplinary materials incorporating perspectives from economics, political science, and critical and feminist legal studies
  • a brief historical section to give students a deeper understanding of global history
  • manageable length
  • Presents a wide range of new material:

    • developments, cases, and updated notes and questions relating to the war on terrorism, the Iraq war, global warming/climate change, the law of occupation, international law in U.S. courts, and the International Criminal Court
    • new cases: Sosa (the Alien Tort Claims Act), the ICJ and U.S. death penalty and consular notification cases, the ICJ and the Israeli High Court on the separation barrier, and U.S. courts on detainees held at Guantanamo and elsewhere
    • new sections of the text deal with recent important topics and update existing coverage


(No reviews yet) Write a Review