Introduction to Behavioral Research Methods (6th Edition)

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Mark R. Leary

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Rigorous, yet readable.

The author presents the material with sufficient elaboration, explanation, and examples that not only interest the student, but make it understandable.

Introduction to Behavioral Research Methods incorporates the four basic approaches to behavioral research (descriptive research, correlational research, experimental research, and quasi-experimental research), and shows students how to conceptualize questions, measure variables, design studies, and analyze data. Chapters on research ethics and scientific writing (including the most recent version of APA style) round out the book. Throughout each chapter, boxes on Developing Your Research Skills and Behavioral Research Case Study provide practical examples and pique student interest.

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  • Improve Critical Thinking New up-to-date Behavioral Research Case Studies help students apply research to practice.
  • Engage Students The text is designed to make research methods understandable, useful, and interesting for students.
  • Explore Research Real research, tidbits about the lives of famous researchers, and intriguing controversies that have arisen in behavioral science are included. A lab manual in MySearchLab helps engage students in the research process.
  • Support Instructors MyTest, PowerPoints, and an instructors manual offer additional support for instructors.

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