It's Always Something: Twentieth Anniversary Edition

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Gilda Radner

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To honor the twentieth anniversary of beloved comedienne Gilda Radnera??s death from ovarian cancer comes a commemo- rative edition of her memoir, Ita??s Always Somethinga??featuring a newly updated resource guide for people living with cancer and a tribute by Radnera??s former colleagues at Saturday Night Live.

As a cast member on the original Saturday Night Live, Gilda Radner created a compelling character named a??Roseann Rosannadannaa?? who habitually ended her routine with the line, a??Ita??s always something,a?? which was her fathera??s favorite expression about life. Radner chose the catch- phrase she made famous as the title to her brave, funny, and painfully honest memoir: the story of her struggle against cancer and her determination to continue laughing.

Gildaa??s Club, a network of affiliate clubhouses that seeks to provide a social and emotional support community to people living with cancer, was founded in Radnera??s memory in 1991. The name of the organization comes from a remark Gilda once made, that cancer gave her a??membership to an elite club Ia??d rather not belong to.a?? In partnership with Gildaa??s Club, Ita??s Always Something includes valuable information for all whose lives have been touched by cancer and reminds us of the important place laughter has in healing.

Told as only Gilda Radner could tell it, Ita??s Always Something is the inspiring story of a courageous, funny woman fighting to enjoy life no matter what the circumstances. She died in 1989. Gildaa??s Club is distinguished by its unique philosophy and pro- gram, a??cancer support for the whole family, the whole time.a?? Learn more about Gildaa??s Club at


(No reviews yet) Write a Review