Madame Bovary

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Gustave Flaubert
First Edition

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A literary event: one of the most celebrated novels ever written, in a magnificent new translation

Seven years ago, the incomparable Lydia Davis brought us an award-winning, rapturously reviewed new translation of Marcel Proust'sSwann's Waythat was hailed as clear and true to the music of the original (Los Angeles Times) and a work of creation in its own right (Claire Messud,Newsday). Now she turns her gifts to the book that defined the novel as an art form.

When Emma Rouault marries dull, provincial doctor Charles Bovary, her dreams of an elegant and passionate life crumble. She escapes into sentimental novels but finds her fantasies dashed by the tedium of her days. Motherhood proves to be a burden; religion is only a brief distraction. She spends lavishly and embarks on a series of disappointing affairs. Soon heartbroken and crippled by debts, Emma takes drastic action with tragic consequences for her husband and daughter. When published in 1857,Madame Bovarywas embraced by bourgeois women who claimed it spoke to the frustrations of their lives. Davis's landmark translation gives new life in English to Flaubert's masterwork.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review