Modern Projects and Experiments in Organic Chemistry: Miniscale and Standard Taper Microscale

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Jerry R. Mohrig;Christina Noring Hammond;Paul F. Schatz;Terence C. Morrill

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Product Overview

The Manuals
Modern Projects and Experiments in Organic Chemistry helps instructors turn their organic chemistry laboratories into places of discovery and critical thinking. In addition to traditional experiments, the manual offers a variety of inquiry-based experiments and multi-week projects, giving students a better understanding of how lab work is actually accomplished. Instead of simply following directions, students learn how to investigate the experimental process itself. The only difference between the two versions of the manual is that each is tailor to specific laboratory equipment. Content wise, they are identical.

The Program
Modern Projects and Experiments in Organic Chemistry is designed to provide the utmost in quality content, student accessibility, and instructor flexibility. The project consists of:
1) A laboratory manual in two versions:
miniscale and standard-taper microscale equipment
miniscale and Williamson microscale equipment
2) Custom publishing option. All experiments are available through Freemans custom publishing service at Freeman Custom Publishing . Instructors can use this service to create their own customized lab manual, even including they own material.
3) Techniques of the Organic Chemistry Laboratory. This concise yet comprehensive companion volume provides students with detailed descriptions of important techniques.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review