Pediatric Music Therapy

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Wanda B.;Ph.D. Lathom-Radocy

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The book includes relevant medical, psychological, and developmental information to help service providers and parents to understand children with disabilities. In this revised edition, the author has updated or eliminated some of the medical information and added more related music therapy literature. This book can be used as a valuable handbook for clinicians. Also, it may be used as a primary or supplemental textbook in classes to prepare music therapy students to work with children who have disabilities. All music therapy students who complete an undergraduate curriculum should know the characteristics and common needs of the major disabilities discussed in this book. In addition, class work and clinical experiences must include basic techniques and materials used to accomplish the goals and objectives set for each child. This is addressed in a manner that will be useful to all personnel working with children with disabilities.The first two chapters describe the process of assessment and delineation of goals in music therapy, which leads to the design of the music therapy portion of the IEP or care plan. Subsequent evaluation allows progress to be stated objectively. The remaining chapters describe each population of children to be served, with emphasis on medical and psychological characteristics unique to each population, and specific goals and procedures to be used in music therapy. The CAMEOS model is used in this book to address the child s Communication, Academic, Motor, Emotional, Organizational, and Social needs and ways these may be addressed through music therapy. Whether the child is homebound, included in regular classes, seen in a resource room or special education program, or in hospital care, he/she has needs that can be described within the CAMEOS model. Music therapy may provide service in each of these areas.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review