School Leader Internship: Developing, Monitoring, and Evaluating Your Leadership Experience

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Gary E. Martin;Arnold B. Danzig;William F. Wright;Richard A. Flanary;Margaret Terry Orr

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Product Overview

School Leader Internship, 4th Edition challenges school leader interns to build competencies in 52 leadership skill areas. This unique resource provides step-by-step guidance for interns, their supervisors, and their faculty on how to initiate an internship and evaluate interns' work. In this updated fourth edition, the content is organized around the latest National Policy Board for Educational Administration (NPBEA) Professional Standards for Educational Leaders (2015) and includes intern activities to develop skills in cross-content literacy, distributive leadership, equity in practice, professional learning communities, remediation strategies, school improvement planning, and special populations. This is a critical resource for leadership preparation programs nationwide and the thousands of school districts that support leadership candidates.

Special Features include:

  • Beyond the Standards provide further independent practice, reflection, and development for students in the areas of action research, ethical and critical reasoning, dispositions and interpersonal skills, new technologies, school partnerships, and social justice.
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  • Self, Peer, and Superior Assessments help students to plan according to individual need, experience, and goals.
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  • Internship Plans allow students to assess, analyze, and prepare draft internship plans.
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  • Interview Suggestions help students develop a network and gain insight into administrative and curricular responsibility.
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  • Professional Development Activities encourage students to analyze and evaluate their experiences and plan for the future.
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  • Projects allow students to synthesize their skills.


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