The Curse of Canaan

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Eustace Clarence Mullins

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Indeed, the great movement of modern history has been to disguise the presence of evil on the earth, to make light of it, to convince humanity that evil is to be ''tolerated,'' ''treated with greater understanding,'' or negotiated with, but under no circumstances should it ever be forcibly opposed. This is the principal point of what has come to be known as today's liberalism, more popularly known as secular humanism. The popular, and apparently sensible, appeal of humanism is that humanity should always place human interests first. The problem is that this very humanism can be traced in an unbroken line all the way back to the Biblical ''Curse of Canaan.'' Humanism is the logical result of the demonology of history. Modern day events can be understood only if we can trace their implications in a direct line from the earliest records of antiquity.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review