The Hero Within

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Deborah Grassman

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In The Hero Within, Deborah Grassman, well-known speaker and lecturer and highly-acclaimed author of Peace at Last explains that when we dare to deal with distress and accept the idea that we will not succeed at everything our internal heroism can help us begin to redeem our destiny. She focuses on the roles of pain and suffering as inevitable parts of our lives. She explains that rather than becoming broken down by the pain in our lives, we can learn to open ourselves to these new experiences through our internal hero.
The Hero Within has been written to help people learn to redeem the suffering that we have all experienced by understanding a three-step process of abiding, reckoning, and beholding. It provides readers with the tools to do this, and will help them cultivate a willingness to develop the honesty, humility, and courage to make that inward journey. By completing this process, readers can grow into aspects of themselves that they were previously reluctant to inhabit. They can then use the process to heal abuse, bring peace to broken relationships, face death, and assist in many other situations. From small, every-day problems to dilemmas that are overwhelming, readers will become empowered. Unlike many self-help tactics, readers will not learn how to overcome, endure, or rise above problems. Rather, they will learn how to use that problem or limitation to cultivate qualities that will open them up to energy beyond themselves. Once readers learn how to abide and reckon with difficulties, they will succeed not in spite of their limitations; but because of them.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review